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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goodbye mom

in the name of Allah........

i wanna share a movie with all of u.
the title of da movie is 'good bye mom'
quite interesting...

Aeja (Choi Gang-Hee) was once a promising student. Not only did she do well in school, she also loved to write poetry on rainy days & also possessed excellent fighting skills. Her dream was to become a novelist and a few years later she moved to Seoul to fulfill those dreams.
Aeja is now 29 years old and has not achieved any of the success she has hoped for. Her only accomplishment to date is winning an award from a local newspaper organziation. Meanwhile, Aeja's personal life is not much better off. Her boyfriend cheated on her and eventually ran off leaving behind large amounts of debt. Aeja was nearly pushed to the edge, but then channels her energy into a writing contest that offers a large reward.
While writing for the contest Aeja receives a message from her mother asking her to come back to Busan for her brother's wedding. Aeja's mother has always been tough on her and when she goes back to Busan her mother treats her no different. Then one day, Aeja's mother suddenly collapses and her world starts shaking from the seams.
a tough daughter.even she is some kind of 'brutal' girl,but she has a very KIND HEART.
its about love of family
its about united of hearts in family
its all about LOVE

naah.i can't see malaysia production creates such a great loving family movies as western n other asian's country did.even not a whole movie contains a go0d deed.what i wanna mention is about the love in family.

how BIG your love to your PARENTS?
how DEEP your kindness to THEM?
how GREAT your pray for their happines now and here after?

even we're not a GO0D children
always argue what did they say
always angry to what we dont like 

did u realize..

how BIG their love to you
how DEEP their kindness
till they will not feel the hardness to make their children HAPPY
as they know
"my childrens' happiness is my happiness"

don't you ever think
you wanna feel your happiness
and be it as 
 your parents HAPPINESS?? great their love
even their children hurt their heart
they will cure it themselves
by seek Allah's love..

juz think for a while..
how can we say GOOD BYE to our mom and dad
how can we face their lovely eyes
those eyes saw how we grow up
with their touchful loveness
how can we gonna face the life without them
maybe we will keep say
'am sorry mom'
'am sorry dad'
'i love u'

its to0 late
to say it

if you still have much time
with your family
especially wif your parents
dont ever feel SHAME
to tell them
"mama.i love you"
"abah,i love you"
coz if you miss the moment to tell them
you will regret it forever...

parents' love to their children
is apart of Allah's love
which is AR-RAHIM
He never forget to give us ni'am (alot of nikmat)
we did sin
we dont do what we must do
He never let you die
right after you did da sin


thats the evidence of His AR-RAHIM
He gives us time
for us to turn back to Him
feel being a good SLAVE
and be such a good person
have go0d deeds
to everyone

let's think for a while...

what did we do
to make our parents happy?
what did we do
to make them feel the WE LOVE THEM?
what did we do
to make them happy
have you started to make all of that?
if not yet
it's not to0 late
together being such a go0d children
whatever our parents did to us
how they are
they still our parents
and always pray for their happiness
try to  make them comfort
to make them feel
that WE 
as their children
love them VERY MUCH

prove it
make it WORTH
so you will get the blessing
from your mom n dad
and also
your life will be BLESSED
by Allah
forever and ever...

pliz make their life happy
save from badness
free from disease
and pliz

come.lets be a go0d child! :D
*i watched good bye mom movie at channel 952 astro.u can watch it if u have da channel or u can surf to da internet by yourself


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